Other online places that talk about books, crime fiction or both. This is not meant to be the world’s most comprehensive list of resources, it’s the sites I visit regularly and the blogs I follow

Book(ish) Bloggers (can include authors)

  • Angela Savage (the online home of Australian crime writer Angela Savage , content includes glimpses into the writing life as well as reviews of crime fiction)
  • At the Villa Rose (the blog of a French mystery fan with a passion for ‘oldies’ including Agatha Christie, Nagio Marsh and Ellery Queen)
  • Aust Crime Fiction (a database of Australian crime writers and crime fiction set in australia which also offers reviews and news)
  • Avid Book Reader (reviews, news and wotnot from Keishon in the US)
  • Bitter Tea and Mystery (Tracy is a California-based, tea-loving, crime fiction fan)
  • Books Please (Margaret is an English blogger who reads and reviews crime fiction and a wide range of other fiction)
  • Clothes in Books (Moira features different books – many crime but others too – by providing extracts describing some aspect of clothes, or accessories, and a picture suggested by that description followed by her thoughts – she really makes you look at books in a different way)
  • Confessions of a Mystery Novelist (fascinating daily posts on what makes crime fiction tick from crime writer Margot Kinberg)
  • Crime Scraps Review (a blog from UK-based Norman who brilliantly reviews lots of historical crime fiction and translated (into English) crime fiction)
  • Crime Watch (Craig provides news, reviews and musings on all crime and thriller fiction with a particular emphasis on New Zealand crime fiction)
  • Crimepieces (crime writer Sarah Ward reads, writes and reviews crime fiction from her base in the UK)
  • Cross Examining Crime (Kate in the UK discusses crime fiction with an emphasis on the golden age era and traditional whodunits)
  • Col’s Criminal Library (reviews of crime fiction with an emphasis at the noir end of the scale)
  • Detectives Beyond Borders (news, reviews and author interviews focusing on non-American crime fiction)
  • Do you Write Under Your Own Name?  (Martin Edwards is a UK-based author who reviews crime novels and movies as well as occasionally discussing his writing process)
  • Euro Crime (reviews, news and author listings focussing on UK and European crime fiction)
  • Fair Dinkum Crime (is the blog I co-host with a fellow crime fiction fan which focuses on crime fiction by Australians or set in Australia)
  • FictionFan (reviews of all sorts of fiction, including crime fiction)
  • In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel (the Puzzle Doctor provides spoiler free reviews of fair play detective fiction)
  • Kittling: Books (a general book blog with an emphasis on mysteries from a prolific reader and plastic duck stalker in the US)
  • Material Witness (Reviews, interviews and news from a UK-based crime fiction fan)
  • Mrs Peabody Investigates (Mrs P has news and reviews about all sorts of crime fiction and TV with an emphasis on translated works)
  • Ms Wordopolis Reads (Rebecca reads a mixture of fiction with an emphasis on crime fiction)
  • Mysteries and More from Saskatchewan (A blog from a Canadian lawyer who reviews mostly crime fiction and a sprinkling of non-fiction books, especially history and biographies)
  • Mysteries and My Musings (musings on the mystery genre and writing plus weekly reviews)
  • Mysteries in Paradise (crime fiction reviews and news from a fellow South Australian blogger)
  • Mystery Fanfare (the blog of Janet Rudolph, who is the director of Mystery Readers International magazine and all around mystery genre guru, contains loads of news and great lists of mystery titles for all the major (and minor) holidays/special days of the year)
  • Novel Heights (reviews of fiction with an emphasis on crime fiction from someone who shares my long history with Dick Francis novels)
  • Past Offences (classic crime reviews and news)
  • Pulp Curry (reviews and news, mostly about the noir end of crime fiction and movies from Australian crime writer and journalist Andrew Nette)
  • Raven Crime Reads (reviews and interviews relating to crime fiction, mostly new releases)
  • Reviewing the Evidence (Independent reviews of a wide variety of crime fiction by a range of reviewers in several countries)
  • Shotsmag Confidential (the blog connected to Shots e-zine focuses mainly on noir and hardboiled crime)
  • Tea Time with Marce (Marce reviews all sorts of books, with an emphasis on thrillers and mysteries, while drinking Earl Grey tea and enjoying life in Bermuda)
  • The Game’s Afoot (crime fiction, TV and film reviews from Spanish blogger Jose Ignacio Escribano)
  • The Nick Carter & Carter Brown Blog (The place to showcase Scott’s book collection of primarily of Nick Carter and Carter Brown books)
  • The Rap Sheet (a great Crime Fiction news blog)
  • The View from the Blue House (reviews, news and occasional writer angst from Irish crime fiction fan and author Rob Kitchin)
  • Tipping My Fedora (Sergio enjoys mystery, crime and suspense in all media with an emphasis on the classics)
  • You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You? (author Paul D Brazil offers interviews, new release spotlights and news about the noir-y end of the crime fiction spectrum)

Social Media / Hanging Out

  • 4 Mystery Addicts (a Yahoo Group for mystery bookaholics to discuss group reads, series books and  everything happening in the world of crime fiction)
  • Petrona’s Crime & Mystery Friends (a Facebook group for the people who used to hang out at Petrona’s Crime & Mystery room on Friend Feed, some of the bloggers mentioned elsewhere in this list post to the room as do other crime fiction fans)

Lists and Resources  

  • A Novel Challenge (the place to find reading challenges. The site provides details of both perpetual and time limited reading challenges from across the book blogosphere and gives you links to go and sign up)
  • Cozy Mystery List (an excellent list of cozy authors and titles including a great definition of the sub-genre and lists arranged by theme, job of the sleuth and all sorts of other excellent information)
  • Crime Fiction Canada (searchable database of Canadian mysteries and detective fiction)
  • Crime Writers of Canada (promotes Canadian crime fiction via new release information, Arthur Ellis Awards held annually and offer a free newsletter)
  • Stop You’re Killing Me (lists authors, sub-genres, and books in a variety of categories including by theme)

Books in other media

For podcasts you can listen to episodes at the links below or search for the podcast name in your podcatcher of choice and subscribe for new episodes to be delivered to you

  • A Stab in the Dark – a podcast from UKTV, hosted by Mark Billingham and featuring interviews with major crime writers and TV producers
  • These Are Their Stories – a podcast in which for each episode two true crime authors and a guest discuss an episode of Law & Order in-depth (original version, SVU or Criminal Intent)
  • Two Crime Writers and a Microphone – A podcast with writers Steve Cavanagh and Luca Veste that has book news, interviews with ace writers, a review segment, and irreverent chat

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  1. Lauren Bray says:

    What an amazing list of links! It will take me months to catch up. I’ve started with Angela Savage and Michael Cathcart podcasts from Australia. Many thanks for your work putting this together.


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