2016 Australian Women Writers Challenge

AWW2016For the fifth year in a row I’m participating in the challenge which aims to promote the reading of books by Australian women writers. My personal goal is to read 25 eligible books and review at least 20 of these.

Feel free to join us by signing up for the challenge yourself and if you are looking for further inspiration for eligible reading material check out the Challenge’s database of reviews.

Books are listed in reading date order

  1. RESURRECTION BAY by Emma Viskic
  2. THE LOST SWIMMER by Ann Turner
  3. THIS HOUSE OF GRIEF by Helen Garner
  4. GHOST GIRLS by Cath Ferla
  5. MURDER IN MT MARTHA by Janice Simpson
  7. RUNNING AGAINST THE TIDE by Amanda Ortlepp
  8. AN ISOLATED INCIDENT by Emily Maguire
  9. NOW YOU SEE ME by Jean Bedford
  10. THE LIGHT ON THE WATER by Olga Lorenzo
  11. THE DRY by Jane Harper
  12. THE SOLDIER’S CURSE by Meg and Tom Keneally (counting this as a half)
  13. DEAD MEN DON’T ORDER FLAKE by Sue Williams
  14. DEAD IN THE WATER by Tania Chandler
  15. THE WRONG HAND by Jane Jago
  16. TELL THE TRUTH, SHAME THE DEVIL by Melina Marchetta
  17. ONLY DAUGHTER by Anna Snoekstra
  18. VANISHING POINT by Pat Flower
  19. A DONATION OF MURDER by Felicity Young
  20. GIVE THE DEVIL HIS DUE by Sulari Gentill
  21. THE GOOD PEOPLE by Hannah Kent
  22. DARKEST PLACE by Jaye Ford