2013 Australian Women Writers Challenge

awwbadge_2013The challenge is the brainchild of Elizabeth Lhuede and the entire challenge, with all its inspiration, levels and nuances, is described in detail at its very own website.

Here is my post explaining why I signed up for this challenge the first time.

For the second year in a row I aimed to read 10 novels with at least a couple coming from genres other than my favourite crime fiction and managed to meet both of these goals. This year I managed to read 20 a total of 20 books.

My full list: (in reading order):

  1. Larkin, L.A. – Thirst
  2. Lord, Gabrielle – Death Delights
  3. Howell, Katherine – Web Of Deceit
  4. James, Wendy – Out of the Silence
  5. McNab, Claire – Under Suspicion
  6. Williams, Sue I. – Murder With The Lot
  7. Young, Felicity  – Antidote To Murder
  8. Groff, Maggie – Good News, Bad News
  9. Ash, Romy – Floundering
  10. Parry, Bronwyn – Dead Heat
  11. Nunn, Malla – Silent Valley
  12. Morwood, Carolyn – Cyanide And Poppies
  13. Spence, Jenny – No Safe Place
  14. James, Wendy – The Steele Diaries
  15. Gee, Poppy – Bay Of Fires
  16. Kent, Hannah – Burial Rites
  17. Savage, Angela – The Dying Beach
  18. Fitzgerald, Helen – The Cry
  19. Gentill, Sulari – Gentlemen Formerly Dressed
  20. Davis, Karen M. – Sinister Intent

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