2011 Aussie Authors Challenge

Challenge home & sign up : Booklover Book Reviews

I went for the top level of the challenge which was True Blue and required reading 12 books by Aussie authors during the year (at least 9 by different authors). I completed the challenge on June 15.

Books read

  1. Death Mask by Kathryn Fox
  2. Document Z by Andrew Croome
  3. Cold Justice by Katherine Howell
  4. Line of Sight by David Whish-Wilson
  5. The Tower by Michael Duffy
  6. The Black Russian by Lenny Bartulin
  7. The Wreckage by Michael Robotham
  8. Naked Cruelty by Colleen McCullough
  9. How the Dead See by David Owen
  10. Beyond Fear by Jaye Ford
  11. Violent Exposure by Katherine Howell
  12. The Pericles Commission by Gary Corby
In my wrap-up post for the challenge I listed a few extra books by Aussie Authors which I’d read for other challenges.

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