The world needs another blog about books. Doesn’t it?

OK maybe not, but I need to write about something I enjoy as a counter balance to my working days which are spent writing about bureaucratic nonsense. Ugh.

I learned to read long before I went to school and when I finally arrived there I drove my teachers mad with my hunger for more books.  Some of my earliest and happiest memories are of regular Saturday morning trips with my mum to the Prospect Institute (the privately run Institutes Association was the forerunner to the setup of public libraries here in the 1980’s). The building doesn’t exist anymore but if I had a time machine and traveled back there I could immediately walk to the shelves holding my much-loved Nancy Drews, Bobbsey Twins, Famous Five…

I love the escape that books offer. I love the infinite way words can be put together within them. I love the worlds that books show me. I love the anticipation I feel when I’m about to start a new book. I love the way great books and fabulous characters make me feel.

I have a preference for crime fiction (but I don’t read true crime). I also like historical fiction and don’t mind a good memoir or biography (but not from celebrities or sports stars which rather narrows my selection). Probably my favourite author of all time, Douglas Adams, is not a crime writer at all but his words make me laugh ’til I hurt and he had a unique, beautiful way of observing our crazy world.

The blog is mainly reviews, with the occasional rant or musing on some book-ish subject or other, having recently bought an eReader (that isn’t a Kindle) and living in the land publishing forgot (Australia) I have a particular interest in issues affecting Australian readers (geographical copyright restrictions, the astonishing prices of books in Australia as compared to the rest of the English speaking world etc). If this particular mish-mash of subject matter doesn’t appeal to you I won’t be offended if you don’t follow my blog. Frankly, I’m doing this more for me than for you anyway.

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5 Responses to About

  1. Just saying g’day from a fellow Aussie book blogger, who also got an award from Cathy!


  2. Another Australian book blogger saying Hello! I followed a link to you from a comment at another blog.

    Looking forward to browsing your blog to see what Australian authors you are reading. I’m not a big crime/thriller reader, but I do LOVE Douglas Adams, so I’m sure we’ll have some book tastes in common. 🙂 Have you read any Bill Bryson?


  3. Nela San says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    nice to have found y/blog surfing in the net!
    As a mystery-addicted reader of novels played in the Mediterranean basin, Latin countries, India and Brazil, I was curious to read your rating on “The Prophet Murders” and I agree with you on the book rating; a crime novel can be “slow” in the plot, but, the case being, always with a certain style…I just started my own blog some weeks ago and in case you want to have a look at it, I would appreciate, hoping that in future you’ll find some books you, perhaps, don’t know. Very soon will be published in Italy a mystery from another Turkish writer, hope will be interesting.
    Saudades of “downunder” (as people say in Portugal) as I had chance to be in your country, but lot of time ago 😦 Nel San
    PS my blog is written in Italian, there is the “google translator” but as sometimes it fails, you can write to me and I’ll answer asap


  4. Rachel says:

    Hello! I am also an Australian book blogger so I just wanted to say hello! 🙂 I love meeting fellow bloggers but fellow Aussies all the more! Glad to see Australian literature get a mention too.


  5. esa1969 says:

    nice to meet you. I’m from Indonesia, and like Agatha too. Now i’m writing review all Agatha’s book. Its very good if you visit me too at esanugrahaputra.blogspot.com.


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