Reviews of Australian Authors

This page contains links to all the reviews on Reactions to Reading that discuss books by Australian authors. I’ve been quite liberal with my definition of Australian to include people born here, people who now live here, people who at some time have lived here and people who have seen a Hugh Jackman movie ūüôā

From March 2011 I started posting my reviews of crime fiction by Australian authors exclusively at Fair Dinkum Crime which is a joint project I run with another blogger to highlight Aussie crime fiction. I’ve continued to list all the reviews here though (with links to the other blog as appropriate)

3 Responses to Reviews of Australian Authors

  1. Hi, I found you through the Aust BOok Blogger Directory. I am an Australian book blogger aswell, I’m from Sydney, and like you I do a lot of writing at my job that is not very exciting and so I love book blogging! I try to review a lot of Australian fiction on my blog and so I love that I have found another blog that has a section speifically for Australian books – I do too! I will make sure I come back and read lots of your reviews ūüôā


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  3. Kinna says:

    By your definition, since I’ve seen a Hug Jackman movie, then I’m an Aussie ūüėČ Which is good because I’m a fan of Australian literature. Thanks for providing the resource.


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