2012 Australian Women Writers Challenge

The challenge is the brainchild of Elizabeth Lhuede and the entire challenge, with all its inspiration, levels and nuances, is described in detail at its very own website.

Here is my post explaining why I signed up for this challenge in a year I promised myself would be challenge-free.

I’m aiming for the highest of the three levels, Franklin-fantastic, which requires me to read 10 books (though I’d like to go higher). As far as genre-busting goes I am prepared only to advance to the middle ground and aim for dabbler (read more than one genre but not as many genres as I can find – frankly some genres are not for me).

My full list: (in reading order):

  1. Caroline Overington, Matilda is Missing
  2. Sulari Gentill, Miles Off Course
  3. Sylvia Johnson, Watch Out For Me
  4. Kerry Greenwood, Cocaine Blues
  5. Wendy James, The Mistake
  6. Felicity Young, A Dissection of Murder
  7. Virginia Duigan, The Precipice
  8. Annie Hauxwell, In Her Blood
  9. Ellen Mary Wilton, Hysteria at the Wisteria
  10. Sulari Gentill, Paving the New Road
  11. Katherine Howell, Silent Fear
  12. Gabrielle Lord, Death by Beauty
  13. Y.A. Erskine, The Betrayal
  14. Kathryn Fox, Cold Grave
  15. Tara Moss, Assassin
  16. Caroline Overington, Sisters of Mercy
  17. Favel Parrett, Past The Shallows
  18. Josephine Pennicott, Poet’s Cottage

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