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Review: TALKING TO THE DEAD by Harry Bingham

I’m not normally a huge fan of the crime novel in which the detective (be they professional or amateur) is so much a part of the story as to make the crimes – and more importantly the victims – fade … Continue reading

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Review: THE EARTH HUMS IN B FLAT by Mari Strachan

Really you should just head over to Petrona Remembered and read Laura Root’s review of the book which prompted me to immediately seek out my library’s copy. All I really need to say in addition is: ditto. But I can’t quite … Continue reading

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Review: RUBBERNECKER by Belinda Bauer

Although I read it a couple of hundred books ago I can still vividly recall the things I liked so much about Belinda Bauer’s début novel BLACKLANDS. I’m in the minority (again) who grew decreasingly interested in the loosely connected … Continue reading

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Review: GOOD PEOPLE by Ewart Hutton

Detective Sergeant Glyn Capaldi has been posted to “the big bit in the middle [of Wales] that God gave to the sheep” after disgracing himself during a case in Cardiff. It is meant to be a place where nothing happens, … Continue reading

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Review: Relics of the Dead by Ariana Franklin

Relics of the Dead (also published as Grave Goods in the US) is the second selection for my face to face book club this month (we meet on Sunday) and I’m also counting it as my third book towards the Historical Fiction Challenge. I’ve … Continue reading

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Review: A Morbid Taste for Bones by Ellis Peters

Title: A Morbid Taste for Bones (the first Brother Cadfael mystery) Author: Ellis Peters Narrator: Stephen Thorne Publisher: BBC [this edition 2005, originally 1977] Length: 7hrs 38 minutes Setting: 12th Century, England & Wales Genre: Historical crime fiction ♦ ♦ … Continue reading

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Review: The Coroner by M R Hall

Title: The Coroner Author: M R Hall Publisher: Macmillan [2009] ISBN: 978-0-230-71127-3 No. of pages: 422 Jenny Cooper is the newly appointed Coroner for the Severn Vale district of England. Her predecessor died suddenly after dealing with the deaths of … Continue reading

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