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Review: THE INVISIBLE GUARDIAN by Dolores Redondo

If you read fiction translated from other languages at least in part because it allows you to virtually visit places and cultures different from your own then THE INVISIBLE GUARDIAN might be just what you’re looking for. Set in northern … Continue reading

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Review: OR THE BULL KILLS YOU by Jason Webster

In Valencia, Spain it is the beginning of the Spring Fiesta and Chief Inspector Max Cámara is unhappy. At the last minute he has been forced to stand in for his boss as the honorary master of ceremonies for the … Continue reading

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Review: A Short Cut to Paradise by Teresa Solana

The private consultants who aren’t quite detectives who made their debut in A Not So Perfect Crime are back for another adventure among the upper echelons of Barcelona society. This time they are tasked with proving that Amadeu Cabestany was … Continue reading

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Review: Death on a Galician Shore by Domingo Villar

In the Spanish village of Panxón locals think that fisherman Juan Castelo must have committed suicide by throwing himself overboard from his boat one stormy Sunday morning. But the pathologist convinces Inspector Leo Caldas of the Vigo police that, due … Continue reading

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Review: Water-Blue Eyes by Domingo Villar

As this book opens we meet Leo Caldas, a Police Inspector in the Spanish town of Vigo, as he is participating in the weekly radio broadcast Patrol on the Air, during which people can ring in with questions or complaints … Continue reading

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Review: A Not So Perfect Crime by Teresa Solana

In something of a rarity for me I bought this book solely based on the blurb I read at the publisher’s website. It’s the the 13th of 21 books I need to read to complete my extreme global reading challenge and, … Continue reading

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Review: Inhuman Remains by Quintin Jardine

Inhuman Remains is this month’s discussion book for my face to face book group. Primavera Blackstone goes into hiding when she survives the plane crash that she believes was initiated by her ex-husband, Oz Blackstone. However when he dies a … Continue reading

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