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Review: THE GOOD PEOPLE by Hannah Kent

Fair warning…this is going to be one of those confused reviews in which I try to explain why I didn’t like a book as much as (a) I wanted to and (b) almost everyone else seems to have done. I … Continue reading

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Review: THE DOLL’S HOUSE by Louise Phillips

Earlier this year I embarked upon a personal challenge to track down some crime writing by female Irish writers other than the ubiquitous Tana French and the second book to meet this criteria is Louise Phillips’ THE DOLL’S HOUSE. The … Continue reading

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Review: THE LOST by Claire McGowan (or the start of my personal Irish women crime writers challenge)

There is a reasonable amount of talk about Irish crime fiction being the next big thing (though the South Africans, the French, the Scottish and the Italians are also champing at the bit). I’ve no clue who will win out (frankly … Continue reading

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As I was wading through this book I needed something…lighter… to act as a counterweight for my poor brain which was being bombarded with horrid images that will probably give me nightmares for months. I could think of nothing better … Continue reading

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Review: THE RAGE by Gene Kerrigan

I am often out of step with Awards judging panels but in the case of those who selected THE RAGE to win the Gold Dagger for best crime novel in 2012 I am in complete agreement. It’s a cracking read. … Continue reading

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Review: Scales of Retribution by Cora Harrison

The setting is the Kingdom of Burren on the west coast of Ireland in 1510. It is only early in his reign but King Henry VIII in England wants his empire to expand further into Ireland than the four small … Continue reading

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Review: Priest by Ken Bruen

Priest opens with its anti-hero, Jack Taylor, having been virtually catatonic in an asylum for five months, following the event that occurred at the very end of The Dramatist. If you have read the earlier novel you will not think that unreasonable at all … Continue reading

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Happy St Patrick’s Day to all

Imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery so I will copy Kim’s idea of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by highlighting the Irish books I have reviewed here on the blog. It’s important to note that I’m imitating the idea not the … Continue reading

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Review: Winterland by Alan Glynn

Winterland opens with the gangland-style murder of young Noel Rafferty in the beer garden of a Dublin pub. His family, including his aunts and one uncle, gather at his grief-stricken mother’s home to offer their support, though given his shady dealings … Continue reading

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Review: The Dramatist by Ken Bruen

Roughly as many friends told me I would love Ken Bruen as told me I wouldn’t. I would love him because he is a brilliant writer or I wouldn’t because noir is not really my thing and/or I wouldn’t ‘get’ … Continue reading

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