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Review: THE CORPSE IN THE WAXWORKS by John Dickson Carr

Without the Crimes of the Century meme to prompt me, my reading of classic crime is almost non existent. Which is why I treated myself to a Vintage Mystery Box subscription late last year (check out Kate’s Etsy Store for a subscription … Continue reading

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Review: PIETR THE LATVIAN by Georges Simenon

My only previous exposure to Inspector Jules Maigret of the Flying Squad has been via the Michael Gambon adaptations for TV. This is not surprising given that until recently my reading of classic crime fiction was largely based on trawling … Continue reading

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Review: AUTUMN ALL THE CATS RETURN by Philippe Georget

Although I don’t really think AUTUMN ALL THE CATS RETURN can comfortably wear the trendy (but misplaced) noir label adorning its cover, there is a noir-ish fatalism to its lead character. Gilles Sebag, a detective with the Perpignan police on … Continue reading

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Review: SUMMERTIME, ALL THE CATS ARE BORED by Philippe Georget

As is so often the case these days, a fellow blogger’s enthusiastic recommendation prompted me to seek out this book and, as is also often the case, I was not disappointed. I hadn’t planned to read a book which takes place … Continue reading

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Review: ALEX by Pierre Lemaitre

ALEX is one of those novels which spoiler-averse reviewers can’t discuss the plot of in much detail so all I’ll offer is that its first act involves the kidnapping of a young woman from a Parisian street. We see the … Continue reading

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Review: THE ASSASSIN’S PRAYER by Ariana Franklin

I embarked on THE ASSASSIN’S PRAYER (aka A MURDEROUS PROCESSION) somewhat wistfully. Having liked its three predecessors very much I wanted to read it but knowing it is the last in the small series gives a finality to my involvement … Continue reading

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Review: Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker

As always when I hit a bit of a rough patch in the reading department (more about that later) I turned to a recommendation from the ever-reliable Maxine for something that I could nearly guarantee would be a good read. … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: F is for France

Given that Paris is the location for what is (arguably) the world’s first detective story I thought France would be a suitable topic for this week’s contribution to the Crime Fiction Alphabet. I’ve chosen a mixture of books by French … Continue reading

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Review: Affairs of State by Dominique Manotti

Affairs of State is a combination political thriller and police procedural set in France in the 1980’s. At its core the novel is the story of Francois Bornand, a friend and advisor to President Mitterand and head of a special … Continue reading

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Review: Badfellas by Tonino Benacquista

Badfellas is the fourth of six novels shortlisted for the 2010 Crime Writers’ Association award for crime fiction translated into English that I aim to read before winners are announced next month. Badfellas asks readers to imagine that the FBI’s … Continue reading

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