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My Life as a Book 2011

It’s ‘my life as a book’ time of year again, thanks to Pop Culture Nerd for this year’s meme, the concept of which is to share some personal insights into your life using titles of books you’ve read this year. … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: W is for Walking the Dog (and other clichés)

I have logged a lot of kilometres with one dog or another over my 43 and a half years and have never once stumbled across a dead body but in crime fiction it happens with alarming regularity. I know that … Continue reading

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An upside to spam?

Even on my tiny little corner of the internet I have attracted nearly 8,000 pieces of spam that, until today, I never looked at thanks to the excellent filter that WordPress uses. But I accidentally clicked on the wrong button … Continue reading

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My Life In Books – Redux

Last year I participated in a fun meme to describe my life in terms of the books I read during the year. Now Pop Culture Nerd has created a 2010 version of the meme with new sentences. I couldn’t resist … Continue reading

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The good, the bad and the ugly of reading slumps

The good (great even) I loved Adrian Hyland’s Gunshot Road and feel very privileged to have read it. I have already told you all to read it but it warrants repeating. Read it. Now. All of you. Yes even you … Continue reading

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Game, Sets and Matches

How is it that I’m too busy to wash my filthy windows or finish the report that has to be done by Friday but managed to find the time to ponder Maxine from Petrona’s latest challenge to arrange one’s books … Continue reading

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My life according to the books I’ve read this year

A fun meme doing the rounds that I first spotted at Petrona is Using only books you have read this year (2009), cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title. If you want to  check that I … Continue reading

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Quick Question: which book to read?

You’d think that being on holidays I would have increased reading time (not to mention blog tidying time) but my overseas visitors seem to have occupied all that spare time I imagined having. Oh well, it’s always great to see … Continue reading

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Mid-Year Report

Yes folks it’s graphs and charts time again. I did a quarterly report in March and I’m sure you’ve all been holding your breath to see how things are faring. I’ve read 63 books so far this year whicb means … Continue reading

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I am generally a bad blogger in that I don’t respond to memes and/or challenges. Mostly it’s because I keep this blog on topic (a personal challenge requiring enormous restraint some days) and partly it’s because some of them remind me ever … Continue reading

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