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Gift ideas for mystery lovers

As an unemployed person in dubious health* I ought not be spending money on frivolities but I couldn’t resist trying out a Vintage Mystery Box (aka Coffee and Crime but you can’t post coffee to Australia). Kate from Cross Examining … Continue reading

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Five years and 96 books later (thoughts on the Australian Women Writers Challenge)

The Australian Women Writers Challenge was born five years ago out of a frustration that books written by women are not taken as seriously as those written by men. Not reviewed as much. Not awarded as often and so on. … Continue reading

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A Fresh Start

It is a gorgeous spring day here in my corner of the world and I’ve had a great morning decluttering my house in preparation for our council’s annual hard rubbish collection. This is where we get to put all the … Continue reading

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Musings on the 2014 Petrona Award

In a few hours the winner of the 2014 Petrona Award for best Scandinavian crime novel translated into English will be announced as part of CrimeFest festivities and, like last year, I’m quite glad not to be the one deciding. But … Continue reading

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Rebooted Reading

I don’t remember any stretch of my life longer than a few days when I didn’t have a book or three on the go. So the past several months, when little time or inclination for my favourite pastime presented itself, … Continue reading

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Bookish Joy

Over the past couple of months I have been enduring something of a family crisis. One of the minor side effects of it all is that I’ve barely blogged. Even when I could find the time or inclination it would … Continue reading

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Can there be four winners?

As someone who was loudly sceptical of the recent trend in children’s sport to not have winners and losers (just competitors) I am about to be something of a hypocrite but at least I recognise the fact. At next week’s … Continue reading

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Readerpocolypse, GRamazon and other first world problems

Several shakeups in the world that surrounds my reading have taken place lately, and in each case I’ve completely failed to predict how I would handle them. Readerpocolypse When Google announced last month it would be turning off its RSS … Continue reading

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Vale Petrona

It seems preposterous that news of the death of a woman I have never met could make me weep but so it was when I woke yesterday morning to the news that Maxine Clarke, host of Petrona, had lost her … Continue reading

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Thoughts on shopping as therapy

When I have a bad day at work I escape the office and buy stuff I don’t need (because buying stuff I need isn’t relaxation, it’s more work). Yesterday was about a 7 on a badness scale of 1-10 so … Continue reading

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