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A Shamini Flint love fest

I don’t remember the last time I read two books by the same author in immediate succession. It’s been at least 11 years (that’s when I started keeping a detailed record of my reading) but I have a sense it’s … Continue reading

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Not a Review: THE HUSBAND’S SECRET by Liane Moriarty

I don’t normally read two of any author’s book’s in quick succession but my book club is going to discuss this one and BIG LITTLE LIES tomorrow. I wonder if my fellow club members will be as hard pressed as … Continue reading

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A.C.E. Mini Reviews

The title of this most means nothing. Or almost nothing. Other than that I have finished books by authors whose surnames begin with A, C and E in the past few weeks and I’m never going to get around to … Continue reading

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Out of step on THE BIRD TRIBUNAL by Agnes Ravatn

I’m quite used to having a dissenting opinion about a popular or much-praised book but in the case of THE BIRD TRIBUNAL by Agnes Ravatn I seem to be a completely lonesome voice. Whether on Good Reads or Amazon or blogs … Continue reading

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Palate Cleansers x 2

Whenever I have read a particularly harrowing or thought-provoking book I find myself looking for the literary equivalent of a palate cleanser. I still want quality storytelling but am happy to just go along for whatever ride the author has … Continue reading

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Catching Up (the reviews that will never be #2)

For the second time this year I’ve been reading more than reviewing and have decided not to attempt to turn my rambling half-remembrances into fully fledged reviews. The recommendations that come my way via Clothes in Books are generally good … Continue reading

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Catching up (the reviews that will never be)

Lately I’ve read a few books that haven’t, for one reason or another, made it to a review post of their very own and I’ve decided to give up pretending they ever will. I have enough impossible backlogs in my … Continue reading

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February didn’t make me shiver

One of my goals when starting this blog was to prompt me to write something about every book I read in the hope that I would remember them more clearly (I choose to believe my failing memory is due to … Continue reading

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Aussie Authors Update #4

My reviews of Aussie crime fiction are published exclusively at my other blog, Fair Dinkum Crime, which I co-host with fellow Australian blogger and crime fiction fan Kerrie of Mysteries in Paradise. But I like to do an occasional wrap-up … Continue reading

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Losing your mind

The final two books I have read during my most recent binge that will remain forever half-reviewed are Alice LaPlante’s Turn of Mind and S.J. Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep. The reason for not reviewing these properly is a … Continue reading

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