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Review: A NECESSARY EVIL by Abir Mukherjee

I heard about this book on an episode of Two Crime Writers and a Microphone (a UK-based podcast that focuses on crime fiction) and was intrigued enough to track down a copy. The tale of a royal murder in 1920’s … Continue reading

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Review: SOMETIMES I LIE by Alice Feeney

Amber wants you to know three things about her: She is in a coma Her husband doesn’t love her anymore Sometimes she lies I would add three more things that you ought to know before you embark on her story: … Continue reading

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Review: INSIDIOUS INTENT by Val McDermid

I stopped reading this series a while back. I can’t remember which book it was now but I just found it too violent for my taste at the time. However I’ve come to really love McDermid’s writing via her standalone … Continue reading

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Review: FLIPPED FOR MURDER by Maddie Day

Following the sudden death of her mother Roberta ‘Robbie’ Jordan has moved from California to South Lick in Southern Indiana. It was her mother’s home town and her only Aunt still lives there. When the book opens Robbie is launching … Continue reading

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Review: A CASE OF TWO CITIES by Qiu Xiaolong

A CASE OF TWO CITIES opens with seemingly unrelated incidents: the death in somewhat scandalous circumstances of a long serving policeman and Inspector Chen Cao of the Shanghai Police Bureau being put in charge of an investigation into high-level corruption. … Continue reading

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Review: THE BARRIER by Shankari Chandran

The problem with a good dystopian novel is that it doesn’t feel all that fictional. Instead it is worryingly, frighteningly plausible. So I feel guilty about recommending Shankari Chandran’s THE BARRIER to anyone who wants to sleep at night or … Continue reading

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Review: A MEDITATION ON MURDER by Robert Thorogood

A MEDITATION ON MURDER is the first of what is so far a three instalment series that based on the TV show Death in Paradise, more specifically the first two seasons of the show. Having come to the (fictional) Caribbean island … Continue reading

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Review: SHAME by Karin Alvtegen

SHAME has languished unread on my shelves since I found a second hand copy in Australia’s only bookshop specialising in crime fiction 8 years ago. I can’t explain the languishing as I have loved both of the other books by … Continue reading

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Review: SNOWBLIND by Ragnar Jonasson

I was not surprised to learn, after I’d finished reading SNOWBLIND, that its author has previously translated some of Agatha Christie’s works into his native Icelandic. Because there’s much more of a ‘Golden Age’ or classic whodunnit sensibility to the … Continue reading

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Review: PLANTATION SHUDDERS by Ellen Byron

PLANTATION SHUDDERS is a pretty stringent adherent to the current formula for cosy mysteries. However Ellen Byron has put enough of a unique spin on the familiar to make the book interesting but not so much of one that the … Continue reading

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