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Crime Fiction Alphabet: M is for Movies

There are a few settings that feature more regularly in crime fiction than they do in most people’s reality, but perhaps none is more glamorous than the movie set. Loads of authors have set mysteries in or around the movies, … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: L is for Locked Room Mysteries

The mystery in which a crime (almost always a murder) takes place behind seemingly impenetrable doors where the culprit has to all appearances vanished into thin air is probably the most enduring staple of crime fiction. Having been around since … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: J is for Justice

My dictionary (the Macquarie Third Edition) (and yes I do still have a great, big physical dictionary that I can barely lift it’s so heavy) defines justice at some length but the first entry is the quality of being just; righteousness, … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: I is for Ice

There are some words that seem to crop up a little too often in the titles of crime fiction and thrillers. I guess I can understand why derivations of blood and death appear so frequently but Ice seems like a … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: G is for Genealogists

In my years working as an archivist I came across a lot of genealogists looking for convicts in their family tree (it had become fashionable in Australia to be able to trace one’s roots back to the era when the … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: F is for France

Given that Paris is the location for what is (arguably) the world’s first detective story I thought France would be a suitable topic for this week’s contribution to the Crime Fiction Alphabet. I’ve chosen a mixture of books by French … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: E is for Environment

I’m probably more sympathetic to environmental themes than the average reader (I’ve voted Green more than once in my life) but even so I hate being lectured to or preached at. However there are some crime fiction gems among all … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: D is for Dogs

One of the ways that humanity seems to be divided into two camps is cat lovers and dog lovers (as always with these blunt divisions we’ll ignore those who love both or neither for the purposes of this post). From … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: C is for Clergy

As I picked up my first book for the East European Reading Challenge, which features a sleuthing nun in 19th century Russia, it struck me that religious folk of one sort or another seem to pop up rather a lot … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: B is for Bibliophiles

People who love books – whether it be reading. collecting. selling, loaning or repairing them – appear very frequently in crime fiction. I guess this is not terribly surprising given that a lot of crime fiction readers and writers are book lovers … Continue reading

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