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It turns out I don’t know my ABC after all

Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise hosted the second round of the Crime Fiction Alphabet this year. Interested bloggers were invited to post weekly articles about authors, books or subjects relating to the letter of the week. Last time Kerrie ran the … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: Z is for Zeitgeist

Crime fiction writers are able, should they be so inclined, to explore the social and political settings in which their stories take place, often in a way that contemporary journalism or other writing cannot. In this way it is a … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: W is for Walking the Dog (and other clichés)

I have logged a lot of kilometres with one dog or another over my 43 and a half years and have never once stumbled across a dead body but in crime fiction it happens with alarming regularity. I know that … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: V is for Victoria (the bit of Australia not the Queen)

I have neglected the last couple of alphabet letters but it can’t be helped: day-job workload and a dead computer reduced my blogging in recent weeks. Unfortunately I’ve chosen to return to the meme for a pesky letter of the … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: S is for Science

As you might have guessed by now I’m using this year’s round of Crime Fiction Alphabet to both tell you about books I like and get you to give me recommendations for new books to read that feature themes or … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: R is for Religious Cults

When I was a university student I was perpetually broke and so was willing to do almost anything for a few bucks or a hot meal. This included acting as a guinea pig for studies being carried out by the … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: Q is for Quantico

For this instalment of the crime fiction alphabet we’re heading to a location in America that has become well-known to readers (and watchers) of crime fiction. Quantico is actually a small town (population 561) in Prince William County, Virginia but for crime … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: P is for Politicians

I talked more generally about politically themed reading during our last Federal election but I thought it worth having a look at how politicians themselves are treated in crime fiction. Perhaps it won’t surprise too many of you that, for … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: O is for Old People

Perhaps my inability to really get into YA novels has more to do with the sad reality that I’m closer to receiving my senior’s card than I am to having had a student bus pass.  Anyway, I do rather like … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: N is for New Zealand

I was prompted to highlight New Zealand after stumbling across this rather sad little collection of four entries in the New Zealand location index at Stop You’re Killing Me. Now I’m not blaming the fine people at Stop…, it’s a … Continue reading

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