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Women in Translation 2017

I learned via Mrs Peabody’s excellent blog that August is being celebrated as Women in Translation month. This is in an attempt to address the fact that only about a quarter of the world’s literature that is translated into English … Continue reading

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Review: A Short Cut to Paradise by Teresa Solana

The private consultants who aren’t quite detectives who made their debut in A Not So Perfect Crime are back for another adventure among the upper echelons of Barcelona society. This time they are tasked with proving that Amadeu Cabestany was … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Alphabet: J is for Justice

My dictionary (the Macquarie Third Edition) (and yes I do still have a great, big physical dictionary that I can barely lift it’s so heavy) defines justice at some length but the first entry is the quality of being just; righteousness, … Continue reading

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Extreme Reading

I have officially completed the extreme level of the 2010 Global Reading Challenge. This required me to read 3 books set in different countries of Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America, South America plus two books set in Antarctica and … Continue reading

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Books of the Month – July 2010

That was Then July was a month of reading highs and lows for me. Undoubtedly my favourite book for the month (and the year so far) was Adrian Hyland’s Gunshot Road. I know I have become a bit of a broken … Continue reading

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How do you say congratulations in Swedish?

By now everyone who cares is undoubtedly well aware that while I was sleeping on Friday night Johan Theorin’s The Darkest Room was awarded the 2010 UK Crime Writer’s Association’s International Dagger Award for crime fiction translated into English. My heartfelt congratulations … Continue reading

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Review: A Not So Perfect Crime by Teresa Solana

In something of a rarity for me I bought this book solely based on the blurb I read at the publisher’s website. It’s the the 13th of 21 books I need to read to complete my extreme global reading challenge and, … Continue reading

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