2017 Mt TBR Challenge – Mountaineering Checkpoint #1

In an effort to get my unread book count under control I joined the My Reader’s Block Mount TBR Challenge this year. I didn’t want to be unrealistic so aimed to read at least 36 books that I owned prior to the start of this year. With a quarter of the year over I have read 14 eligible books which qualifies as a modest success (if I keep up this pace I will meet my goal, but of course the more time passes the more I am tempted by new titles).

  1. Tom Keneally – Crimes Of The Father
  2. Cath Staincliffe  – The Silence Between Breaths
  3. Sheila Connolly- Red Delicious Death (no review)
  4. Josephine Pullein-Thompson – Gin And Murder
  5. Kate Dyer-Seeley  – Scene Of The Climb
  6. Ariana Franklin & Samantha Norman – Winter Siege (no review)
  7. Rebecca Bradley – Shallow Waters (no review)
  8. Elizabeth Edmondson – A Man Of Some Repute 
  9. Margery Allingham – The Case Of The Late Pig
  10. J.M. Peace – The Twisted Knot
  11. Ellery Adams – Murder In The Paperback Parlor
  12. Agatha Christie – Sparkling Cyanide
  13. Sarah Ward – A Deadly Thaw
  14. Adrian McKinty – Gun Street Girl

According to the challenge progress chart I have reached Pike’s Peak and am a few steps up Mount Blanc.

I’m keeping track of books read over here, if there are any unread books on the list you think I need to read now let me know

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6 Responses to 2017 Mt TBR Challenge – Mountaineering Checkpoint #1

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Nicely done Bernadette. I do give you credit for really consciously working on the TBR. I ought to do that, myself. As you say, though, it never does go away.. *Ooh, shiny! A new book!*

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  2. Anonymous says:

    You’ve made great progress! Thanks for checking in.


  3. kathy d. says:

    Well, you should read Angela Savage’s book Behind the Night Bazaar. And Kishwar Desai’s book Witness the Night is good (she won awards for it), but it is devastating about the mistreatment of women and girls in an Indian village.
    Camilleri’s books are always a diversion.
    I’ll look again.


  4. kathy d. says:

    Woman with Birthmark is very good and biting.
    Resolution by Denise Mina is the only book of hers I did not like and took it back to the library after 20 pages.


  5. kathy d. says:

    The Lewis Man is one of the books in Peter May’s wonderful trilogy set on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The whole set is excellent. Those books and one by Tana French were my top reads of last year.
    But Broken Harbour which is on your list is not one of my favorites by French. Interesting look at the ghost estates in Ireland, the real estate scandal and how it affects a family.
    And Claudia Pineiro — I like her books, all different. There are a few levels to Betty Boo, the story and the political undercurrent. It is slow but it is thoughtful.


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