Out of step on THE BIRD TRIBUNAL by Agnes Ravatn

thebirdtribunalI’m quite used to having a dissenting opinion about a popular or much-praised book but in the case of THE BIRD TRIBUNAL by Agnes Ravatn I seem to be a completely lonesome voice. Whether on Good Reads or Amazon or blogs I enjoy like Raven Crime Reads or This Crime Book or Crime Fiction Lover everyone is raving about this book. Yet even though it’s only 185 pages short I was bored and waiting for it to start until the very last page. When I put it down in frustration.

The premise of the book is one I struggled with from the outset. It is the present day. A young woman – Allis Hagtorn – leaves her life for mysterious reasons and goes to look after a loner living in the woods at the edges of some un-named town whose wife is away. To me what follows is a whole lot of not very much followed by a fairly predictable ending. Neither the first person point of view from the frankly pathetic Allis nor the brooding loner (Sigurd Bagge) who is too mysterious for words engaged me and there are no other characters to speak of (save for the world’s unlikeliest shop keeper).

In short, it’s not for me.

But everyone else seems to think this book is haunting, suspenseful and tense and the characters compelling. So clearly I missed something.




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10 Responses to Out of step on THE BIRD TRIBUNAL by Agnes Ravatn

  1. This happens to me too. Some books just don’t work for me but seem to work for everyone else!

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  2. MarinaSofia says:

    Ah, shame! I’m one of those who liked it, but there’s no shame in being out of step. I’ve done that many a time with other books (Girl with Dragon Tattoo, Girl on the Train etc. – and not just ones with Girl in the title). It’s a matter of personal taste as well as timing, I guess.

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  3. Margot Kinberg says:

    I’ve done that, too, Bernadette – not enjoyed at all what others thought was fantastic. I did hear very good things about this one, and I’ve been interested in it. But if you didn’t care for it, you didn’t. I’m honestly not 100% sure I’ll get to it, but it’s good to know what you thought of it.

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  4. That’s the joy of reading! If we all agreed with each other life would be very tedious indeed 🙂


  5. realthog says:

    All sympathies, Bernadette. I’ve been exactly where you are many times when it comes to books, and I know how disconcerting it can be.

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  6. kathy d. says:

    I agree about books, art, music, decor, clothing, cities, environment, etc. But not in
    politics! I want to know how we’re going to survive the next four years — how about
    even one year? Millions of people are going to be hurt, international relations are
    damned, bigotry is just another part of daily life.
    I’ll be buried in crime fiction I hope.

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  7. I love it when you stand up to peer pressure, Bernadette 😉

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