2014: Reading Resolutions

Despite it being something of a traumatic one personally I didn’t do too badly with my reading-related resolutions last year and hope 2014 will be at least as successful. I’ll still basically read on whim but have added a long term reading challenge to my annual participation in the Australian Women Writers challenge and will be trying to reduce my TBR pile too.

Continuing On

  • awwbadge_2014I want to continue to focus on Australian authors; aiming for at least a third of my reading each year to be from Australian writers. My participation in the third Australian Women Writers challenge will help me along the way.
  • buy-australianI’ll continue buying whatever physical or ebooks I buy from Australian shops even though I’m not convinced it’s really doing much to stem the seemingly inevitable decline of local book selling. It does however make me feel less personally responsible for that decline.

New Goals

2014TBRChallengeReduce my TBR: It is ridiculous to own as many unread books as I do and still acquire more. In 2013 I only read 19 books I’d owned before the year began so for 2014 I’m joining the TBR Pile Reading Challenge and aiming to read 31-40 books that I owned on the 1st of January. So far I’m doing well, having just finished my second book from the TBR pile for this year…but I haven’t been near a bookshop or the library yet 🙂

USAFictionChallengeButtonTravel America Virtually: I have signed up for the Reading USA Fiction challenge which requires reading a book set in each of the country’s 50 states (and an extra for the District of Columbia) but I don’t plan to finish it in a single year, or even two. It’ll take as long as it takes, which might be a while as my personal twist will be to make all the books by new (to me) authors.

http://neho.deviantart.com/art/Think-Outside-the-Box-45590539Get out of my comfort zone a little more I don’t have a specific number of books in mind and indeed some of my intention is to read things other than books as I try to re-connect with the journals I used to be able to access via my work’s in-house library which sadly closed about 4 years ago. But there’s no reason I can’t (and several reasons I should) subscribe to at least a couple of these all on my own. There is, I am sure, a world beyond crime fiction and I ought to venture there occasionally.

What about you? Do you have any goals for your reading in 2014? Have you successfully met last year’s goals?

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10 Responses to 2014: Reading Resolutions

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Bernadette – I respect these resolutions a lot. They make a lot of sense and I might nick a couple for myself. 🙂


  2. Canuck says:

    How about adding a reading challenge of a book set in every province/territory of Canada?


    • There is an annual Canadian Reading challenge run by John at The Book Mine Set blog – it starts in July each year and does require the reading of 13 books which would allow for one for each province – though I didn’t actually read a book set in each different province when I completed the challenge a few years ago (I did number 4, the current one is number 7). I did enjoy the challenge but it was quite difficult (and expensive) to locate books here in Australia so I haven’t signed up again but I might do so again one year,


  3. Belle Wong says:

    Every year it seems I go through these spells (usually work-related) where I don’t have time to read. This can sometimes add up to a month or two or even more without reading, and I really hate when that happens. So this year my intention is to read something every day – and read a lot – and not have any no-reading spells! I never do well with reading challenges, but the reducing the TBR pile challenge definitely sounds interesting.


  4. Beth2 says:

    Happy 2014 Bernadette! I’m so glad you got your mojo back, I really missed you. With no you, no Petrona (sigh) and my (actual) Nordic Crime Reading group in recess until March, I had to search much harder for nudges into thoughtful reading areas. I am fascinated by people’s reading habits, and love it when people generously reveal their motivations or intentions. The thing that I am most intestested in is TBR piles. I had to work out why I don’t have one, and decided that the answer is retirement from paid work. This way, I have more time to read, and because of the Web, more time to select what I will read, AND more time to use the library. Those things, plus reading (and frequent re-reading) as deeply as we do in my reading group means I read about 100 books a year, not nearly as many as you and other statistically minded bloggers do.

    So I don’t feel at all deprived at not having a TBR pile, and I will continue to keep record of what I do read AND I will join the Australian Women Writers Challenge – see what influence you have :-] ?


  5. Norman Price says:

    Bernadette, I do hope 2014 is a much better year for you. We have missed your insights.
    My New Year resolutions are [1] to reduce my TBR mountain [2] If I intend to review a book to make better and tidier notes [3] to ignore high profile blurbers and rely on bloggers if I move outside my comfort zone.


  6. Sue says:

    Dear Bernadette

    You have been missed. It’s good to see you’re back and I hope that 2014 will be a better year for you.

    It’s never a problem to find something enjoyable to read – you will continue to engage your readers and I look forward to reading your reviews in 2014.

    Happy new year.


  7. Rebecca says:

    I’m joining you on the longterm USA challenge because too many challenges make me feel too committed to a certain kind of book: I’d rather go on a reading binge of one author than try to fulfill a few challenges. Hope you have a good 2014 with much less turmoil!


  8. Kathy D. says:

    I resolve to tackle my TBR piles this year and to read more new-to-,me authors.


  9. Brona says:

    I went a little overboard with my reading challenges this year, but it’s all in the name of reducing my out of control TBR pile!
    I like the look of the Reading USA fiction – I’ll keep it in mind for next year perhaps 🙂


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