Wrapping up the 2013 Australian Women Writers Challenge


For the second year in a row I happily participated in the Australian Women Writers Challenge which

aims to overcome gender bias in the reviewing of books by Australian women. The challenge encourages avid readers and book bloggers, male and female, Australian and non-Australian, to read and review books by Australian women throughout the year.

This year I managed to read 20 books and review 18 of them which, given it’s been a trying year personally, is an achievement I’m pleased with. Most of the 20 novels are good and several are great, really lingering in my mind and ready to make an appearance on my favourite reads for the year list.

My full list for 2013: (in reading order):

  1. Larkin, L.A. – Thirst
  2. Lord, Gabrielle – Death Delights
  3. Howell, Katherine – Web Of Deceit
  4. James, Wendy – Out of the Silence
  5. McNab, Claire – Under Suspicion
  6. Williams, Sue I. – Murder With The Lot
  7. Young, Felicity  – Antidote To Murder
  8. Groff, Maggie – Good News, Bad News
  9. Ash, Romy – Floundering
  10. Parry, Bronwyn – Dead Heat
  11. Nunn, Malla – Silent Valley
  12. Morwood, Carolyn – Cyanide And Poppies
  13. Spence, Jenny – No Safe Place
  14. James, Wendy – The Steele Diaries
  15. Gee, Poppy – Bay Of Fires
  16. Kent, Hannah – Burial Rites
  17. Savage, Angela – The Dying Beach
  18. Fitzgerald, Helen – The Cry
  19. Gentill, Sulari – Gentlemen Formerly Dressed
  20. Davis, Karen M. – Sinister Intent

I do hope you’ll join us for the 2014 challenge, you can sign up now and discover your own favourite Australian women writers.

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9 Responses to Wrapping up the 2013 Australian Women Writers Challenge

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Bernadette – of those I’ve read, I’d have to agree they were terrific. And you’ve given me lots to plunge into for 2014.


  2. How interesting and what a great achievement, I will look for your best of the year review


  3. TracyK says:

    I am very tempted by this challenge. I want to read more women authors and more Australian books, so this would combine both.


  4. Thanks for bringing all of these authors and books to my attention. Now, to be cruel, which 2-3 would you recommend most?


    • It is a difficult choice Karen but…

      For sheer delight I would recommend the Sulari Gentill – it is the sort of book that makes you feel better at the end than you did at the start even though there’s been a murder or two along the way. But the combination of historical detail, terrific characters and wry humour is perfect

      Helen Fitzgerald’s The Cry or Wendy James Out of the Silence are both excellent books that depict very different angles on the way women are treated in society (either now or in the past) – both make you think and keep you in suspense. The Cry is a shorter read and set in the present day, Out of the Silence a longer read and set a hundred years ago so perhaps make a choice based on whether you feel like a current day suspense or a historical one (though really it’s probably much easier to get your hands on the Fitzgerald as it’s a recent publication and she at least has an English publisher, I’m not sure about an American one0

      The “whodunnit in the best location” winner is Angela Savage’s The Dying Beach which is set in Thailand, where Angela lived for a number of years and it features an ex pat Australian woman as the main character. You can’t help but imagine yourself lazing on a beautiful Thai beach but there’s a lot of depth to the story too and the two private detectives are really terrific characters, not burdened by alcoholism and failed relationships like so many of their brethren.


  5. Bill Selnes says:

    Bernadette: It is am impressive reading list.

    I hope 2014 is a better year for you.


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