2012: The Start

It’s going to be (pardon the language) a bloody hot start to the year here in Adelaide with a predicted high of 41°C (that’s 106°F) which I have decided calls for hunkering down inside with a good book and a glass (or two) of sangria (is 10 in the morning too early to start drinking on a public holiday?).

I’ve chosen to start the new year by catching up with an old friend, private detective Kinsey Millhone, who’s just getting involved in a new case, something to do with a mysterious shop lifter. Looks like there’s going to be a connection to a local loan shark too and there’s a society lady with marriage troubles who looks like getting involved in things too. I’m set to take my mind of the heat by finding out what kind of mess Kinsey’s gotten herself involved in over there in Santa Teresa.

I’m trying to simplify my life a little this year so my reading resolutions are fairly simple: complete my chosen level of the Australian Women Writers reading challenge and knock off at least 25 books from my TBR list. I managed to reduce the TBR from 200 to 160 by the end of 2011 so this should be achievable. Of course if I were really strong I’d aim to knock the whole thing off but I’m realistic enough to know that’s not going to happen.

Warm thanks to everyone who has read, followed, liked, subscribed to or commented on the blog during 2011, all such activity makes me do a little happy dance (which you should be grateful you can’t see as I have no rhythm whatsoever). I wish you all  a 2012  full of good things and, especially, good reading.

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16 Responses to 2012: The Start

  1. Kerrie says:

    Happy New Year Bernadette. I’m currently reading THE END OF EVERYTHING by Megan Abbot


  2. Margot Kinberg says:

    Bernadette – Happy New Year to you, too! Thanks for your excellent blog :-). Enjoy that delicious sangria, stay cool and savour that mystery!


  3. Keishon says:

    Happy New Year!! Looking forward to some good books next year that we can agree or disagree on


  4. Happy New Year from the Peninsula where its going to be about 42. Sangria sounds bloody terrific.


  5. Happy New Year – “only” going to be about 35 here! I’d say 10am is fine for a sangria in those temps!

    Hope your 2012 is full of great reads!


  6. Kathy D. says:

    Happy New Year, on to a great year of books!
    Thanks for the terrific reviews, analysis and humor in 2011.
    Am currently reading “V is for Vengeance,” myself and enjoying a relaxing read.


  7. bibliolathas says:

    Happy New Year! Here’s to lots of good reads and much lower temperatures here in Adelaide!


  8. Barbara says:

    Happy New Year, Bernadette. I hope your heat wave blows away on a cool breeze very soon.


  9. Happy New Year, Bernadette!

    I´m also enjoying the company of Kinsey right now, but I´ve only got to T. On the positive side I have more alphabet mysteries to look forward to … 😉


  10. sue says:

    Happy New Year Bernadette.

    I look forward to more of your company in 2012.

    Thanks for the entertaining reviews.



  11. Kathy D. says:

    Well, with 50 pages to go with Kinsey Millhone in V is for Vengeance, I can feel a post-good-book slump coming on. This is so enjoyable and so relaxing and distracting, perfect for this time of year. This will be a feat now to find an equally good book for a follow-up read.


  12. Sarah says:

    Belated Happy New Year too. Just back from the land of poor wifi (France).


  13. Marg says:

    Sangria sounds like a perfect way to start a hot public holiday! Happy New Year!


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