Aussie Authors Month

April has been designated by someone as Aussie Authors Month, a fact I have been neglectful of here at Reactions to Reading. But over at Fair Dinkum Crime, the blog I host with fellow Aussie crime fiction fan Kerrie to focus only on Australian crime, mysteries and thrillers, we have been celebrating in style.

Firstly, we introduced a new feature to the blog, our version of an author interview which we call the Fair Dinkum Baker’s Dozen.  We provide the authors with 13 beginnings and, like the creative geniuses they are, they turn them into sentences (or paragraphs, or full blown essays should the urge arise). We’ve been very fortunate to have a wonderful selection of five Aussie crime writers share their thoughts with us so far. Do head over and learn about their worst jobs, biggest fears and the truly terrible things one of them has done to chickens:

We’re also running a quiz, offering your choice of several recent Aussie crime titles as prizes. The quiz is open worldwide so you’re all welcome to participate. We did go to some effort not to make all the answers entirely ‘googlable’ but we hope you’ll have a go anyway. We’ll give away the prizes even if no one gets all the questions right so you’ve got a decent shot at winning.

Both Kerrie and I are trying to fit in some reading of new (to us) Aussie crime fiction too. So far Kerrie has reviewed Katherine Howell’s Cold Justice and I’ll be reviewing Michael Duffy’s The Tower later this weekend. I think we both hope to finish and review at least one more book by an Aussie Author before the end of the month.

Have you done anything to celebrate Aussie Authors Month? 

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7 Responses to Aussie Authors Month

  1. Bernadette – I have to say I am truly enjoying Fair Dinkum Crime. You and Kerrie are doing an excellent job, and although I know it’s a lot of work, I hope you keep it up.


  2. Dorte H says:

    I think Aussie Authors Month is a great idea, but I have got involved in far too many projects and challenges; besides I have a couple of books I ought to review the sooner the better as I have asked for the ARCs myself. So the 2-3 Aussie books I have on my shelf will have to wait.


  3. Hi, Bernadette. The idea began as a Twitter discussion among bloggers who mostly read in specific genres, but none of us specialise in crime fiction, and it’s great that Fair Dinkum Crime has been so involved. Thanks for your support and I’m enjoying your Baker’s Dozen posts. I hadn’t heard of any of the authors you’ve featured, and I’m keeping a list for family members who love crime fiction!


  4. Anonymous says:

    So far for Aussie Authors Month, I have read a ton of biographies of writers from Oz, and book reviews of their books, and thus, have added to my TBR list. My library does not have any of their selections, so I’ll have to figure out a budget and where to order some of their books. But it’s exciting, want to read many new to me books.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Oops–meant to say that my library does not have “many” of the books from Oz for which I’m searching.


  6. @Kat – good ideas can come from Twitter – we’ve had lots of fun participating and also seeing what everyone else is doing – good to celebrate our local wonderful talent.

    @Anonymous I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble finding Oz books where you live, it’s a big problem for overseas readers and our writers


  7. Kathy D. says:

    Sorry, didn’t meant to be anonymous. I am having trouble finding the actual books, but am enjoying the book reviews from Oz.


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