The Ireland Reading Challenge 2011

I’m fully prepared to admit that my signing up for 2011 challenges has gone a bit over the top but I am quite determined to read mostly from the books I own right now for the next 12 months or so. Signing up for the challenges so publicly is supposed to keep me on the straight and narrow.

The Ireland Reading Challenge being hosted by Carrie at Books and Movies is a new one for me but when I checked my TBR pile I realise I have at least 4 books that would qualify for the challenge so I thought why not? There are 3 levels to choose from and I am going for the middle level, Luck O’ The Irish which just happens to require the reading of 4 books (like it was made for me).

These are the books I already own that are set in Ireland or are by Irish writers.

  • Alan Glynn – Winterland
  • Declan Hughes – The Colour of Blood
  • Ian Sansom – The Bad Book Affair
  • Ken Bruen – Priest
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7 Responses to The Ireland Reading Challenge 2011

  1. Jose Ignacio says:

    Bernadette I look forward to your reviews.


  2. kathy durkin says:

    Yes, definitely look forward to your reviews.
    I had not yet heard of the Ireland Reading Challenge; that is, until I just read this.
    I should join out of recognition to my Irish side of the family.
    However, I feel challenged out and 2011 hasn’t even started–what with Nordic, Global, Vintage, Aussie, a new one by Jen Forbus, and so many more.
    I think I’ll just play this by ear and read the reviews, and then figure out what I want to read.


  3. Bernadette – I so admire the way you’re looking through your TBR collection to find ways to focus on making a dent in it. Challenges can certainly help keep one disciplined! I’m truly looking forward to seeing what you think of the books you’ve chosen.


  4. amy says:

    But Bernadette! While Ireland has its draw (yummy men with great voices, for one), wouldn’t you like to come over to the dark side in 2011 for an Eastern Europe/Russian Reading Challenge. Sergie, Ivan, Nikolai, and Arkady would love you to visit! Surely there are some in your TBR that would fit the bill! I’ll be announcing it soon, but try and leave room in your busy reading schedule for some borsht, snowy weather, vodka, and men in furry hats!


  5. I have been keeping the eastern European thing in the back of my mind Amy but I have to say there’s not a lot on my TBR shelves that would qualify – one Polish book is all I have. I could be tempted to try something by Boris Akunin though….we’ll see


  6. Carrie K. says:

    Welcome to the challenge! You’ve got a great list there – and I’m glad it will help you clear some unread titles off your shelves. 🙂


  7. Good to see you’re doing this one too 🙂


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