Extreme Reading

I have officially completed the extreme level of the 2010 Global Reading Challenge.

This required me to read 3 books set in different countries of Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America, South America plus two books set in Antarctica and a wildcard book set in any time or place new to me. Because that wasn’t quite complicated enough I added my own slant that all the books had to be by new-to-me authors.

Participating in this challenge opened my reading up to 21 new authors, many of whom I wouldn’t otherwise have read. For some of them a single exposure will be enough but many will be reappearing on my reading list in the not too distant future. In fact I’ve already read and/or ordered additional titles from several of the terrific authors discovered on my virtual tour around the globe where I met an array of fascinating people and learned a thing or three I didn’t know.

Here’s my final list of 21 books






North America

South America

Wildcard (any time or place new to me)

And here are all the places I’ve visited virtually

Thanks to Dorte of DJs Krimiblog for conceiving of and hosting the 2010 Global Reading Challenge. It was a hoot and lived up to all aspects of its name and I would encourage you to sign up for the 2011 version of the challenge (in which I am reliably informed you won’t have to read books set in Antarctica to be considered an extremist).

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10 Responses to Extreme Reading

  1. Bernadette – Well done!!! I am extremely impressed, and if I ever wore hats I would take one off to you. I just love that map, too! Thank you, too, for sharing all year the books that you have read.


  2. JoV says:

    Hail Bernadette the extremist! Joke aside, we are proud of you Bernadette, takes a lot of perseverence and patience to finish this challenge. This challenge is one of my favourites.


  3. Kerrie says:

    Very well done Bernadette. I love the map too. I’ll make it early next month I think.


  4. what a great challenge. i might try and do something like this next year.


  5. kathy durkin says:

    Impressive list of books read for this global challenge, and excellent, honest reviews. Your reading and reviews have increased my international reading choices. (I have two books to go to finish my own “informal” global challenge.) Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings–in authors, books, and reviews. Thanks!


  6. Maxine says:

    Well done Bernadette! That is a great achievement, particularly with the “new to you” authors twist. I am never going to complete this challenge because of the Antarctica angle, but I should go back to see if I qualify yet for the rest of it – before the end of the year!

    Well done again. I’m most impressed.


  7. Congrats on finishing the extremist level! Love your little map too 🙂


  8. Jose Ignacio says:

    Congratulation Bernadette, well done.


  9. Craig says:

    Well done Bernadette. That’s fantastic. And an intriguing line-up of books.


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