Last in, first out

It hardly warrants complaining about but sometimes the sight of my TBR shelves sends me into a tailspin. Which one of the 150-odd books will I read next? I literally dither about in indecision some days (and no we won’t discuss the fact I now have a new eReader on which to cleverly hide TBR books).

When I saw a package from Book Depository on my doorstep as I arrived home tonight I decided I’d read its contents and not force myself to decide which book to select from the shelves. I rarely do this (it normally doesn’t feel ‘right’ to read a book that hasn’t done a fair stint on the sidelines) but it’s only my silly rule not a national law (yet).

I am chuffed the package contained Nigel McCrery’s Tooth and Claw. I can still remember in vivid detail the opening to Still Watersthe first book of McCrery’s that I read nearly two years ago. It created an image that has stayed with me to this day (and made me look askance at every little old lady with gardening shears I have since encountered) (which makes the fact I have taken on the role of creating a local community garden something of a psychological torture let me tell you). The rest of the book was darned good too, offering a great story with a quite powerful commentary about how we treat the people who live differently to ‘the norm’ or on the fringes of society. I rated it 4.5 out of 5 and still recommend it to friends.

I have no clue what this follow-up novel is about. I pre-ordered it as soon as I saw it was by McCrery and featured the same protagonist as the other book (a detective with a neurological condition that means most noises he hears triggers a taste in his mouth which might be bearable when the noise is the telephone and the taste is ice-cream but would undoubtedly be madness-inducing if the sound of your child’s laughter induced the taste of vomit).

Will this one give me nightmares too?

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4 Responses to Last in, first out

  1. Bernadette – Oh, I know what you mean about Mount TBR! But you know, I don’t have a problem with Last In/First Out if there’s a good reason and with McCrery, there is a good reason. I really do look forward to reading what you think of the new one…


  2. Dorte H says:

    In periods I am very disciplined when it comes to grabbing books that have been on my shelf for some time, but yesterday I grabbed a book that didn´t grab me at all so I put it down after a few pages and chose one Maxine sent me last week. They are usually to be trusted.


  3. Patty says:

    I have never heard of this author and now I just bought all of his books…I have 367 books on my TBR Kindle collection…I am pathetic…truly…


  4. Dorte I would concur – Maxine books and recommendations are to be trusted

    Oh I hope you like them Patty – and that you don’t have nightmares about old ladies with gardening shears! As for being pathetic I prefer to think of it as being well-prepared in case your financial circumstances change and you can no longer buy as many books or you survive the apocolypse only to discover you’ve nothing to read 😉


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