Aussie Author Give Away #2

AAGA Logo1It’s time for me to give away some more crime fiction by Australian authors. This month I’m offering pre-loved (but fully functional) copies of

P D Martin’s Body Count. It’s the first in a series of 4 books featuring transplanted Aussie Sophie Anderson who works for the FBI as a profiler. Sophie is an interesting character, not least because she has some psychic abilities. I read the book before I started keeping review notes but I did rate it a 4.

Update 4 Oct: Thanks to the generous Ms Martin I have an extra copy of Body Count to give away (and a couple of her other books too which will feature in coming months).

Brian Kavanagh’s The Embroidered Corpse. It’s set in present day England but has a historical theme and is quite charming (click on the link for my review).

Rules of entry

1. To be in the running leave a comment below containing:

  • your favourite thing to spread on toast/bread (we Aussies are known for our vegemite which is undergoing something of a revamp and marketing mess-up as I write)
  • which book you’d like to win (it’s fine to say both)
  • your email address (de-spam bot identifiable like this bsquaredinoz [at] gmail [dot] com is fine)

2. Everyone who manages to follow rule number one will have their name slotted onto spinning wheel of death which will be spun to select a random winner on the evening of 10 October 2009 (local time which is GMT +9.5) (you’ll know you’re too late to enter by the presence of a WINNERS ANNOUNCED comment below). There will be two separate draws in September and you may enter either or both. You may even win both.

3. The favourite spread thing has nothing to do with the outcome (I promise I’ll still include you in the draw even if you declare a life-long hatred of Vegemite).

4. I will contact the winner(s) via email to ask for a snail mail address to which I can send the book(s). I will happily post the book(s) to whatever far away part of the globe you inhabit BUT I will only use surface mail for those outside Australia. This is slow (takes up to 12 weeks) but cheap. As am I

***Please be careful typing your email address as one of last month’s winners doesn’t seem to be at their address so I’ve got a prize with no home***

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13 Responses to Aussie Author Give Away #2

  1. Mary Music says:

    My favorite thing to spread on toast is Nutella.

    I would love the P.D. Martin’s Body Count book.

    E-mail address is gypsy_angel35[at]yahoo[dot]com


  2. Teresa (Ireland) says:

    My favorite thing to spread on toast is Marmite.

    I would love P.D. Martin’s Body Count book.

    My email address is


  3. Carol says:

    My favorite thing to spread on toast is peanut butter, either crunchy or smooth. Please enter me for both drawings. I have read little Australian crime fiction and would love to read more. My email is carolhutton(at)verizon(dot)net.


  4. Kerrie says:

    Now what I really love (and it is NOT good for me!) is lashings of marmalade. I’ve read both books Bernadette so don’t count me in the draw.


  5. Dorte H says:

    My favourite spread is blackberry jam.

    And even though I won one of your September books, I would also love to win these two (can´t help it; that´s the way I am).

    My email: [at]


  6. Shelia Clark says:

    My favourite spread is cream cheese with chives.

    I would love to win both books. I’d really like to expand my Aussie library

    My email is: vdayposse(at)gmail(dot)com


  7. Ann in Ottawa says:

    This is a tough choice, but I think I have to go with orange marmalade.

    I would like to try Brian K’s book. I’ve read Body Count, which is actually available here in our library.

    My e-mail is ann[at]cornellier[dot]com


  8. maggie mason says:

    I’d like to be considered for either book. I’ve read Kavanaugh before, but never tried Martin.

    I like strawberry jelly (or grape or blueberry) on toast. Or to take it to an absurd level, grilled cheese sandwiches with my (sigh) veggie cheese



  9. I’d love to win either book: I enjoy both authors :).

    My favorite spread: cream cheese!!



  10. Jenifer says:

    I’d love the Martin.

    As for bread, I like to slather it with bacon, mayo and tomato. A sprinkling of pepper couldn’t hurt, either. Jam? No. Peanut butter? Nah. Vegemite? Never tried it. Pass the bacon!

    Jen, heart attack in the wings, I’m sure.


  11. E Fray says:

    My Favorite is to spread butter on my toast.
    I would like to win Body Count by P D martin


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