Sunday Salon 2009-06-28

This week I haven’t had much time for fiction reading. It’s the end of our financial year here in Oz and the powers that be in my workplace require all manner of charts, reports and graphs to be produced as evidence of the fact we’re all busy and important which has severely impacted my reading time. I have finished Black Ice by Leah Giarratano but as it will be officially released on Wednesday I’ll save my review for then.

The internet has provided me with brief escapes into sensible and/or entertaining reading though. What did people do for a 10 minute respite from spreadsheets full of figures before the Internet came along?

The stuff that got me thinking about things other than pie charts this week included:

Back to the pie charts for me now. Hope the rest of you have a better Sunday than I’m going to.

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  1. Black Ice. I need to read that in this horrendous heatwave here!

    TSS: A World I never Made


  2. Dorte H says:

    Great chart! – especially for someone who never reads vampire stories (I may read ridiculously bad crime fiction now and then, but … )


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