BTT: I’m Thankful For…

thankyouThis week’s Booking Through Thursday task is to list 7 things I am thankful for in honour of Thanksgiving Day in the US. The list doesn’t have to be about books but, because I am trying to stay on topic with this blog, my list is all book related. In no particular order today I am thankful for…

  • The Book Depository– an online bookstore that offers free shipping worldwide which is a must for book addicts in the antipodes like myself
  • Douglas Adams – for the many hours of enjoyment he has provided me
  • My mum – for passing on her love of books (read a bit about this in my earlier post about books I’ve received as gifts)
  • Aust Crime Fiction – a site I discovered earlier this year which has led to my discovery of a whole swag of new (to me) Australian crime fiction writers
  • BookMooch – since discovering this site in April I’ve given away nearly a hundred books to fellow book lovers and obtained nearly 70 new (to me) books to read
  • My iPod – which allows me to ‘read’ while I’m walking, on the bus, doing the housework and any number of other activities which prevent reading the traditional way
  • Edgar Allan Poe – the author of what is generally acknowledged as the first modern mystery (The Murders in the Rue Morgue) without which my favourite genre might never have existed (and also the author of my favourite poem of all time – A Dream Within A Dream)
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5 Responses to BTT: I’m Thankful For…

  1. Beth F says:

    Enjoy the day!


  2. Sally says:

    I didn’t post about books, but please come visit anyway. Happy Booking Through Thursday. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


  3. bluestockingbb says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!



  4. Callista says:

    Welcome to Book Blogging. Looks like you have a good start. be sure to check out It’s an online community for book bloggers.

    I didn’t do Booking Through Thursday this week but I usually do. Happy Reading!


  5. yolanda says:

    Do you about Paperback Swap it is much easier than Bookmooch.


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